The Benefits of Mascot Design In Brand Recognition

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  • May 5, 2014
Mascot Design

One of the areas that PixelRush Studio has gained significant interest in, since we launched,  were our mascot designs services and creation of digital mascots for businesses, individuals, sporting teams and more. Mascots are captivating and you’ll find they quickly capture your attention, if designed well, because of their vibrant colour and personality. Businesses are initially wary of mascot design, and including a mascot in their brand, as they are often considered more creative and playful which may translate as taking your business less sseriously.

This is not the case however and modern logo design is also trending towards a combination of mascots and bold typographic designs which assist business to quickly stand out and breach the gap with their competitors brands. In fact you might not realise but mascot design has been used effectively by corporate giants for many years already. My clients’ are often surprised when I mention these companies, look at Twitter for example, that have effectively used a mascot to recreate their brand or get noticed in competitive industries.

Examples Of Mascot Design

So let’s take a look at some of the brand giants that have used mascot design effecitively in their business model, many of these are highly recognisable however some of them may be new to you too. Either way each of these brands are considered to be some of the biggest in their industries. Although there has been a common trend for food and mascots in the past these days we are seeing trends move towards modern logo design and online digital mascots for eCommerce websites and more. put together a list on the benefits of brand mascots in business  combined with this awesome post from called 31 Mascot and How They Help Brands. Take a look a both of them for more great reasons on the effectiveness of mascots.

Mascot Design & Your Business Brand

So we can draw cute characters, big deal I hear you say? The bigger question for you most likely is how and why would mascot design benefit your business and overall brand recognition. You’re absolutely right that mascot design does not always suit your business and it’s important to use it in the right circumstances.

For example it would be wrong to have a Grim Reaper style smiling mascot if your business is Funeral Directing. However if you run an online fishing store you might easily capture the attention of your visitors by using a fish mascot, with tackle bag and rod, who can provide your customers with your call to action or recommend them additional products i.e something like “Ready to checkout yet or do you need help on deciding what else need?”. Depending on the connection with your mascot at times merchandise is often created for your mascot to sell because people love it so much.

An example like the above shows how you can quickly mascots bring your visitors attention to what you want your business most likely wants which is leads, sales and conversions. So let’s take a look at where mascot design can assist your business over more traditional means.

Brand Memorability

In most cases you have at most 1 – 2 minutes to convince someone that your brand and product is right for them, but typically it’s even less. You also have to do this while your competitors are doing the same and therefore the ability to have your brand stand out quickly is critically important. With mascot designs it provides you business with better brand memorability by allowing them to connect with your mascot in shorter periods of time. Mascots are more memorable due to their personality and cute nature rather than your business name which can often be forgotten until your service leaves a permanent mark.

Brand Creativity

With mascot designs you have full control in the creativity and creating something that your customers will connect with. You understand your business better than anyone and you’ll have a great understanding of what your clients’ will will like and therefore you’re able to define a mascot that ticks all the boxes. Your customers won’t have any preconceived opinions about your mascot and whether they like it will be based on how effective your creativity is to develop something they’ll instantly connect with.

Brand Affordability

Brand mascots are more affordable than hiring a brand ambassodor such as a celebrity or well known person. Not only do you have the hiring costs but you might also have the filming, location and other costs associated with that brand ambassodor. A secondary risk is that even though somebody is a celebrity it still doesn’t mean that everybody loves that person and therefore ayou may be limiting your advertising when a portion of your potential customers might not connect the way you’ve wanted. With a mascot you can create something nobody has seen before and therefore have no preconceived opinions about it.

Only you can decided on whether a mascot design is right for your business however hopefully this article can open your eyes to the growing trend of mascots in branding. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own brand mascot design then take a look at our portfolio and our mascot design services to see if mascot design may be right for your business. Feel free to contact us to discuss options on a mascot that will suit your business and will be something you love for years to come.


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